We are proud to our Hydration Sponsors for the 2010 Salsa Mambo & Bachata Madness Festival:



Make Direct Contact with Thousands of Our Clients! Effective Low-Cost Marketing

Thousands of dancers, hobbyists, and entertainers, both professional and amateur, gather at our events. Grab this opportunity to meet these energetic, fun-minded and education-oriented people to promote your products and boost your sales!

At The Salsa Mambo Festival you and your products will be exposed to the largest dancing crowd ever congregated in Palm Springs, California - your colleagues, media, entertainment agencies, dancers, and different ethnic community from all around the world!

We will also include you in our website, and advertise you to over 20,000 Salseros worldwide! 

Be a part of this effective low-cost way to target your market with your goods and services.
Contact us to sign up! 

Customer Profile

Age Group
5 - 90 years of age
Ethnicity & Nationality
Global, from five continents. Largely focused on USA, Canada, Latin countries, and Europe.
Mainly English
High focus on professional occupations or in service professionals
Mostly bachelors degree or higher.
High percentage of higher degree holders
Medium to high disposable income
Large multi-cultural mix.
Mainly continental and European, and Latin
Mobile generations
Owns and proficient at mobile devices, lap tops, transportations, etc.
Strong interest in fitness, wellness, health issues, beauty, fashion, accessories, and nutrition products and services
Majority have an interest in traveling, domestic and international.
All have a high level of passion and a upper beginner to advanced skill level in partner-dances
Other Advantages
2 events in 1: All types of conventions are taking place at the same time, same place and/or next door, giving all the dancers an access to all events. Vendors and sponsors have an additional exposure to not only Salsa dancers, but those interested in other forms of dance as well.

After your deposit, we will post your company on our website and advertise you to all of our clients worldwide!  Take advantage of our database of tens of thousands of dancers WORLDWIDE! 


To request for an information packet please contact Sonyo Martinez at (714) 903-5175 or by email at