Because of people like you, the Salsa Mambo Festivals has been a fantastic experience for many people of all ages. It has become an event where salseros and families have kept coming back. The event's success is the result of each volunteer taking responsibility for a share of the work that needs to be done. Every volunteer involved in this exciting event donates their time, and some even their finances and resources.

We will be neding dedicated volunteers to make this New Year's Salsa Mambo Festival a great event. If you are interested in volunteering we would be happy to have you. Please keep in mind the following:

  • Your support is what makes this event happen. To receive a FREE Salsa Mambo Festival standard pass, a minimum commitment of 16 hours for the event is required.

  • Teamwork and coordination help things run smoothly. You will be required to attend any orientation meetings regarding volunteering.

  • You should agree to do your very best. Be conscientious and focused on your task and represent the festival in a professional, courteous and friendly manner.

  • The attitude of the Staff is extremely important. Remember that you are representing the Salsa Mambo Festival.

  • Presentation is the key. Please come to your shift in nice attire.

Below are the different areas we could use your help:

  • Floor Assembly: Assisting in the set up of the dance floors

  • Decorations: Assist with creation, design, and set up of the festival's decor

  • Attendee Registration: Welcome attendees, distribute wristbands & welcome packets etc.

  • Security: Secure entry area for workshops and evening events, check wristbands & serve as guides for the general public

  • Camera Person: Assist in recording and/or photography of performances and workshops

  • Booth Sales: Oversee the DanceSport, CA & Edie, the "Salsa Freak's" booths for product purchases

Stay tuned for more details and the volunteer schedule!

***NOTE: Volunteer MUST BE AT LEAST 17 years or older***

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Questions on volunteering should be directed to the .